Kennedy Wilson launches new $700m European debt platform

Kennedy Wilson launches new $700m European debt platform

Kennedy Wilson has expanded its global debt platform to over $3 billion by launching a new European partnership.

The platform, which includes partners across insurance and sovereign wealth, invests across the entire real estate debt capital structure in the U.S., UK and Europe, with $1.3 billion of loans currently deployed.

The expansion includes a new $700 million debt investment platform in partnership with a global institutional investor that will target loans secured by high-quality real estate in the UK and Europe.

Kennedy Wilson expects to have an average ownership of 5-10% across its global debt platform and earns customary management fees in its role as investment manager.

“We are excited to build on our long track record of investing in debt opportunities and leverage our team’s flexibility and creativity to provide a wide range of capital solutions for the growing number of opportunities we see across our core UK and European markets today,” said Fiona D’Silva, Head of Investment – Europe, at Kennedy Wilson.

“We are in a unique position as a debt provider in that we have an ownership interest in over $18 billion of real estate assets globally. We are therefore able to track industry and financing trends across multiple asset classes in real time within markets where we benefit from meaningful relationships and a strong local presence,” she added.

Together with its partners, Kennedy Wilson has completed approximately $7 billion in real estate related debt investments since 2010, including $4.3 billion across Europe.