Garbe buys property near Stuttgart

Garbe buys property near Stuttgart

Hamburg-based real estate developer Garbe Industrial Real Estate GmbH has acquired a plot of land measuring around 100,000 square metres in Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart.

It is located in Holzgerlingen (district of Böblingen) and has been partly developed.

“With this purchase, we are not only securing modern existing space, but also new construction potential at the location – and this in a region that is known throughout Germany for its high economic strength,” said Jan Dietrich Hempel, Managing Director of Garbe Industrial Real Estate.

”The existing building has a total hall area of 16,000 square metres. Concepts for the development areas are currently being agreed,” said Garbe in statement.

“With the properties, we want to address medium-sized companies from the commercial, light industrial and production sectors,” explained Jan Dietrich Hempel.

The location is characterised by its central position in the Stuttgart metropolitan region. It is only about seven kilometres to Böblingen, the medium-sized town of Sindelfingen is ten kilometres away and the state capital Stuttgart is 30 kilometres away.

The property acquired by Garbe Industrial Real Estate is connected to Autobahn 8 via federal road 464 and Autobahn 81. It connects the site to the west with Karlsruhe and to the east with Stuttgart Airport, Ulm and Munich. In addition, there is a direct connection to the public transport system.