SEGRO launches community investment plans for key UK markets

SEGRO launches community investment plans for seven key UK markets

UK Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) SEGRO has launched community investment plans for seven key UK markets.

The plans aim to help young and disadvantaged people into sustainable employment, support the growth of local economies and deliver projects that enhance biodiversity and the local environment.

The plans cover all SEGRO’s major operational areas in the UK including Slough, Greater London, Northampton, Coventry and the East Midlands.

SEGRO said they form a central part of its responsible SEGRO commitment to create and implement bespoke social and environmental programmes in all its key markets by 2025.

By the end of 2025 SEGRO expects to have achieved the following outcomes:

  • 20,000 students engaged through schools programmes
  • 1,500 people, the majority of who are unemployed, vulnerable or who have additional needs, received training or supported with employment opportunities
  • 60 projects delivered to enhance local environments and biodiversity

David Sleath, Chief Executive Officer at SEGRO, said: “Investing in local communities is nothing new for SEGRO, but at a time of economic uncertainty and with many people concerned about the future, it feels even more important that we are able to step up and help support those who face some of the biggest challenges.

“A huge amount of work has gone into creating these community investment plans, from finding the right local delivery partners and harnessing the collective drive of colleagues to identifying projects and initiatives that will deliver real, long-term benefits for those in and around the communities in which we operate. Critically we haven’t just created the plans, we’ve already started delivering initiatives within them, working with our customers, suppliers and charity partners to benefit thousands of people this year alone.”

”SEGRO’s community investment pans are being delivered in collaboration with partners that have a detailed understanding our local communities and their specific needs. Plans are being developed and will be rolled out in SEGRO’s continental Europe markets, including Paris, Łódź and Dusseldorf,” the REIT added.