H.I.G. Realty provides £76m financing to Shiva Hotels

H.I.G. Realty provides £76m mezzanine financing to Shiva Hotels

H.I.G. Realty, an affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, has provided £76 million mezzanine financing to Shiva Hotels, backed by a portfolio of prime hotel assets in London, including The Guardsman, Buckingham Gate and Middle Eight Covent Garden.

Riccardo Dallolio, Managing Director and Head of H.I.G. Europe Realty in London, commented: “We believe that London’s 5 star sector will emerge as a winner coming out of the pandemic and that our flexible investing approach across the capital structure has allowed H.I.G. to become a partner of choice for property companies and developers”.

Chris Zlatarev, Principal at H.I.G. Europe Realty, added: “We are delighted to partner with Shiva Hotels and have structured tailor-made financing to support the company’s growth. H.I.G. worked with Shiva Hotels and the senior lenders on a financing solution adapted to current market conditions, allowing the company to focus on implementing its business plan”.