Cushman & Wakefield acquires US multifamily property management firm

Cushman & Wakefield acquires US multifamily property management firm

Cushman & Wakefield has acquired Pinnacle Property Management Services, LLC, the third largest multifamily property management firm in the U.S.

”The acquisition establishes a foothold for Cushman & Wakefield across 20 key U.S. multifamily markets and significantly enhances the firm’s ability to meet the ever-growing demand for fully integrated real estate services from multifamily investors,” said in C&W in a statement.

“It’s an exciting time at Cushman & Wakefield as we expand our ability to provide a full complement of services to our investor clients in the multifamily space,” said Marla Maloney, President, Asset Services, Americas. “We welcome our new team and look forward to integrating our industry-leading platform with Pinnacle’s proven expertise to seamlessly execute our clients’ multifamily investment strategies.”

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Pinnacle, a multifamily property management firm in the U.S., manages more than 169,000 units across 839 properties for a variety of top multifamily owners including institutional, private and foreign investors; financial institutions; pension funds; private partnerships; sole owners; and government housing groups.

”As part of Cushman & Wakefield’s Americas Asset Services business, Pinnacle will gain access to a deeper platform and increased scale across the nation,” said C&W.

“We are excited to continue our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients as part of Cushman & Wakefield,” said Rick Graf, Pinnacle President & CEO. “Our aligned client-centric focus and combined strength in people, resources and client relationships presents growth opportunities for all involved in the acquisition.”