Cerberus forms joint venture with Provender Partners

Cerberus forms joint venture with Provender Partners

Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. (Cerberus) has formed a join venture with Provender Partners, the refrigerated real estate investor in the U.S, to invest in cold storage industrial market in the U.S.

Cerberus said the partnership will focus on building a multibillion dollar portfolio of cold storage processing facilities in the United States.

”Furthering Provender Partners’ position as the leading investor of refrigerated real estate in the United States, the joint venture will provide for a broad range of acquisitions opportunities in all U.S. markets,” said in the statement.

“The cold storage industrial segment plays an integral role in the U.S. food supply chain and we see strong opportunities to build on the market dynamics. Together with Provender Partners, we will be able to acquire and enhance cold storage facilities across the United States to build a national portfolio of high-quality assets and meet the critical needs of food-related tenants,” said Tom Wagner, Head of North American Real Estate at Cerberus.

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“We’re excited to partner with Cerberus and leverage their expertise and financial horsepower to further drive our market-leading position,” said Neil A. Johnson, Founder and CEO of Provender Partners. “Beyond expanding our portfolio, the partnership will broaden our ability to help farmers and distributers as global conditions continue to impact the food supply chain. As processors and warehousers seek efficiency and geographic diversity, we look forward to delivering innovative, quality food supply chain solutions.”

Since its founding in 2014, Provender Partners has acquired nearly $500 million of refrigerated real estate totaling five million square feet. Cerberus Real Estate has a long track record investing across asset classes, property types, and geographies, and has deployed approximately $29 billion of equity in more than 575 transactions around the world.

The investment also enables Provender Partners to bring proprietary solutions to market. Its Strategic Break Bulk Freezer Facilities (BBFF) program, for example, creates an expansive network of refrigerated buildings designed to respond to market conditions, helping to offset future disruptions. The first-of-its-kind-program enables food processors and farmers to pivot between bulk and individual packaging, thereby eliminating waste, saving billions of dollars, and providing farmers alternative solutions for their product during times of uncertainty.