Altera buys 174 single-family homes in Almere

Altera buys 174 single-family homes in Almere
Artist Impression project location 't Groene Wold in Almere (Randstad area)

Real estate investor Altera Vastgoed NV (Altera) has agreed to acquire 174 new single-family homes in Almere from Vastbouw Vastgoedontwikkeling B.V. (Vastbouw).

The development project, known as ’t Groene Wold, consists of eight courtyards with a total of 372 single-family homes. Altera is acquiring 174 houses spread across three sub-sectors of the project. The residential blocks include corner and terraced houses between 80 and 104 sq. m. Each house has a spacious back garden of between 12 and 17 metres, complete with a shed. Residents can park on-street in the courtyard complex. The corner houses have on-drive parking for two cars.

“With this acquisition we further meet the need for young families for affordable single-family homes in the Randstad conurbation. This project is not only affordable, but it also meets our high standards when it comes to sustainability. The project fits perfectly into our sustainable young housing portfolio which GRESB recently applauded as the world’s most sustainable residential fund,” said Altera’s CEO, Jaap van der Bij.

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‘t Groene Wold is part of the Oosterwold district on the eastern side of Almere. Oosterwold can be characterised as a peaceful countryside location with easy access to the city and other facilities. The many amenities nearby include various supermarkets and small-scale shops.

“By selling to Altera we secure a large part of our development ‘t Groene Wold. With the construction of the future-proof rental and owner-occupied houses, Vastbouw is also contributing to the enormous housing task that our country is facing,” said Ronnie Hondeveld, director Vastbouw International Holding BV.

In addition to the 372 single-family homes in Almere, Vastbouw will be developing commercial real estate on an area covering around 5,590 sq. m The ’t Groene Wold project will be part of the Almere Hout urban district.