RICS launches COVID-19 recovery guidebook for buildings

RICS launches COVID-19 recovery guidebook for buildings

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), Vanke Service | Cushman & Wakefield (a joint venture of Vanke Service and Cushman & Wakefield), and Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Authority have jointly launched a “COVID-19 recovery guidelines for buildings – China practice” guidebook in Shanghai, China.

The COVID-19 recovery guidebook curates China’s experience in reopening properties from pandemic, and the associated responsibilities of the building profession.

Collating good practices of private and public sectors with inputs from global professional body, the guidebook addresses the complexity of re-opening buildings, and the range of responsibilities associated with the process – coordination, communication, training, security, health and safety, onsite control, or emergencies handling.

Outlined in the guidebook are practical guidelines on precaution measures over reopening of buildings, including risk assessment, three-tier contingency plan formulation, building retry precautions, operation resumption procedure, safety and protection measures over disinfection and epidemic prevention, public space management, facilities and equipment management, waste management, human-centred value added services provision, as well as communications and client care. 

As one of the largest commercial property and facility management service firms in China, Vanke Service | Cushman & Wakefield has stayed at the forefront of pandemic defence. “Through this guidebook, we aim to share with the world our experience safeguarding clients and properties against pandemic outbreak,” says Chief Executive Officer Johnson Yip of Vanke Service | Cushman & Wakefield, “We also aim to inspire our peers, lift our service quality hand in hand, and ultimately raise the bar of our industry.”

Shanghai’s Lujiazui Financial City (LFC) has one of the world’s highest building density. “Public administration authorities of LFC, landlords of commercial buildings, property managers, tenants worked closely to prevent and defend virus outbreak,” says Kaifeng Ren, Deputy Director-General, Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Authority. “LFC City Authority has been instrumental in creating a platform for industry stakeholders to enhance living and working environment, and to build LFC into a world-class city.”

“As a global professional body, RICS is uniquely placed to share practices and experience from China with the world, while bringing in global standards and thought leadership,” RICS Managing Director for Greater China Pierpaolo Franco mentions. “As leaders of a profession that touches every part of human life, we must collaborate to manage the current crisis and to ensure that we are future-proofed.”

The guidebook is available at rics.org/cnc19guidebook