LaSalle launches global indirect real estate investment fund

LaSalle launches global indirect real estate investment fund

LaSalle Investment Management (LaSalle) has launched LaSalle Global Navigator Fund, an open-ended relative value real estate investment fund.

The fund received founding capital commitments of US$320 million, including US$25 million of co-investment capital from JLL.

LaSalle said the fund features a diversified in-place portfolio of investments across a range of investment vehicles in the US, Europe and Asia.

The fund recently completed an investment into a US medical office fund, as well as a UK student accommodation fund, highlighting its ability to strategically deploy capital during uneven market conditions. The fund also has significant uncommitted capital to make focused investments that can capture fast-moving technological changes.

“The launch and momentum of LaSalle Global Navigator reflects increasing demand from investors for access to global investment opportunities across the risk spectrum.  The Fund aims to offer clients a compelling combination of attractive risk-adjusted returns, reliable cashflows with strong downside protection and robust liquidity.  Our experienced global team has hit the ground running and we are looking forward to further growing the Fund and continuing to invest across a range of geographies, managers and underlying asset types,” said Catriona Allen, Fund Manager for LaSalle Global Navigator.

”The LaSalle Global Navigator Fund is an important addition to the range of indirect investment products we offer our clients, meeting the growing demand for diversified exposure to global real estate markets through a one-stop solution. In particular, we’re seeing smaller and medium-sized investors, who want to increase allocations to the asset class but may not be able to build or support a global investment portfolio on their own.”