Hines establishes global digital strategy office

Hines establish global digital strategy office
Ilene Goldfine, Jeannie Schneider and Adam Hastings Source: Hines

Global real estate firm Hines has announced the establishment of a Global Digital Strategy Office (GDSO) and the promotion of Ilene Goldfine, Jeannie Schneider, and Adam Hastings to lead this new office.

Ilene Goldfine has been promoted to chief digital strategy officer from senior vice president, business technology, Jeannie Schneider has been promoted to chief technology officer from senior vice president, IT, and Adam Hastings who has been promoted to chief data officer from senior managing director, corporate analytics.

The new office will focus on:

  • Leveraging technology and robust global data sets to make better decisions for the firm’s investors and clients.
  • Providing enhanced client services, such as implementing a “smart building” strategy, to digitize the real estate ecosystem.
  • Tracking relevant data to guide the firm in reaching its strategic ESG objectives.

“We’re equipping our teams with the best technology, data, and tools to make decisions for our investors, partners and clients based on credible insights,” said Goldfine. “The data available at Hines is unique because we sit in every seat as an investor, developer, and manager and leverage our diverse global data set to make more informed decisions and deliver greater value to our stakeholders.”

“Ilene, Jeannie, and Adam have introduced new technologies and transformed the way our entire company uses data, effectively improving our internal processes for greater outcomes. By establishing this new office, the combined team can now better anticipate and plan for the disruptions and opportunities that technology brings to real estate and investing,” said Jeff Hines, co-CEO and chairman of Hines.

”The GDSO was formed after seeing some of the group’s early successes, such as the creation of a global data warehouse which has integrated a substantial number of previous disparate and siloed sources of information, allowing them to be leveraged together,” said Hines in a statement.

”The GDSO also built an application to streamline the firm’s investment committee process, which supported the launch of its new flagship funds in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.”

This amalgamation of data has also resulted in even better investor transparency, which has attracted new, global investors into the company’s suite of funds, according to the statement.